About dixtr

dixtr is a universal, globally available audio guide for your mobile device. With dixtr on your mobile device you will experience museum visits and city tours in a whole new exciting and highly personalized way.

apple-app-storeAvailable on the App Store for iOS. Android coming soon!

Our Company

dixtr is part of Blue Planet Ventures LLC, a startup company located in Colorado and the Caribbean, with development teams in Singapore, Vietnam, and the Caribbean.

Our founder is an avid traveler whose world wide travels have inspired dixtr. Wanting to learn more about his surroundings, eager to explore new places, and hungry for local knowledge – he conceived dixtr as a response to the need for an easier to use, more personalized, and mobile friendly audio guide for pretty much everything around us.

Meet our team

Christian Lenz

Christian is the Founder and President of Blue Planet Ventures LLC, the company behind dixtr. Christian is a trained rocket scientist and has held various engineering, design and leadership positions…

Vance Envik

Vance Envik is the dixtr lead ambassador for North America. When he is not flying airplanes in his regular job he explores museums and interesting places around the world that…

We are looking for

Early Stage Investors

Early stage investors shall apply! We are looking for a few financial partners that can leverage our own seed investment and help us create something great together. Our reach is global and our focus is razor sharp. Contact us for more information.

Partners & Publishers

Are you part of a museum looking for a way to make an audio tour? Would you like to reduce your hardware costs? Need to reach out further to attract new visitors? Have audio content and would like to monetize it? Or do you just need a simple solution to get your own audio guide started? – Partner with us!


Do you like to travel? Love exploring? Crave new knowledge? (That’s us by the way!). We need you! Help us find the artifacts that need a tour guide. Help us create the tours (maybe publish your own?). Join us in the quest to create the world’s most prolific audio guide platform.

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